About Us

Photo: Omer and Phaedra

Queen of Cups is a family owned and run business located in Guelph, Ontario. All the products are made in small batches by hand with love and intention by Phaedra. Phaedra has a long standing relationship with plants and the earth. She feels at home creating with her hands and following her intuition. Most of the herbs and flowers that are used in these products are grown onsite by Phaedra herself. 
When Phaedra was expecting her 4th child she decided to leave her teaching career at the local Waldorf School and start a home based business that she could do in the hours when the children slept or just in between the many tasks and demands of a mother. Her supportive husband Omer is in the background lending a hand when and where he can with his various set of skills. 
We believe in using organic ingredients and thus source high quality oils and butters to ensure the beautiful products are created starting with the best possible foundation. Then with her magic skills Phaedra whips and brews these ingredients into the nourishing products that they are, with a little extra care and attention. 
We hope you enjoy them.
Photo: Phaedra and their daughter Neha in their garden planting garlic