Queen of Cups came to life when Phaedra asked herself this simple yet powerful question...

"If there were no limitations what would I most love to do with my time?"

The answer that came was to use the medicinal plants and flowers that she was growing in her garden and incorporate them into healing self-care products for her community and the world at large. Phaedra saw that people were longing and looking for clean and safe products that they knew they could trust and count on. Phaedra decided to start small and just see if people were interested so she made a few batches of lip balm and body butter and it quickly got into the hands of her community. She made more and more and slowly started to grow, buying wholesale raw materials, glass jars and biodegradable containers by the boxes.

The second season she grew more medicinal plants such as calendula, chamomile, comfrey and lavender, knowing she would need to stock up as her supply was quickly being used up. Now Queen of Cups is providing their many loyal customers with high quality, trusted products through their online store, Farmers Markets and seasonal shows and events. It is our vision to continue to share our gifts with the world and offer these quality products to continue to improve and support the lives of as many people as possible.


Our Mission

Queen of Cups offers wholesome, nourishing and quality self-care products made with the most simple and pure ingredients enriched with the powers and healing properties of herbs and flowers. This unique combination creates a product that feels good, smells great and works wonders. Queen of Cups creates these high-vibe products for people who care about their health and the well-being of our planet earth. We do this through the unique approach of working carefully and with integrity to develop high quality products using simple ingredients with powerful benefits, making each small batch by hand.