3 reasons why shampoo bars are a “must try”

3 reasons why shampoo bars are a “must try”

Shampoo Bars are a brilliant invention, truly. Why?

1. The plastic bottle epidemic

Plastic bottles- big clunky plastic bottles that end up in the landfill for 450 years! I don't know about you but I am always looking for ways to reduce the amount of plastic I use, it's everywhere and yet every way we can choose plastic free options counts. Many industries have made advancements in becoming more green but the shampoo industry is lagging. Shampoo contributes to 552 million plastic bottles in the landfill per year! That doesn't seem sustainable if it's taking up space in and on our earth and certainly isn't healthy for the earth and in turn us. Thank goodness shampoo bars exist, it's an end to this environmental disaster! Shampoo bars are wrapped in a little square of paper and that's it! You can feel good about your reduced plastic consumption and still have amazing clean, healthy hair!

2. If you're a traveller...

Travel is another reason that shampoo bars are so much better than plastic bottles. Whether you're hopping on a plane and going through customs or you're going on a backcountry camping trip, you’ll be grateful to have a shampoo bar with you. They are light, compact, no mess, no spills and no worrying about how many ml you can have. When you have to travel you simply grab your shampoo bar and go, no big deal!

3. Cost effectiveness

Shampoo bars are very cost effective, they are literally a concentrated form of shampoo. When you buy the shampoo in bottles you're buying a lot of water. When you buy shampoo bars there is no water in it. Our shampoo bars are made with surfactants, the cleaning and bubbling agents (derived from coconut), as well as camellia seed oil, aloe vera gel, rice protein and corn starch. There are cleaning agents and nourishing agents and that's all you need to have a super clean and effective shampoo bar. A little bit goes a long way because it is pure, there are no fillers and additives, it's the basic yet quality ingredients that make such a pure and high quality product.

At Queen of Cups we are proud to provide high quality shampoo bars in 4 different scents. We only use essential oils in our shampoo bars for the added qualities they bring.

Enjoy any of the following kinds:

  • Lavender Nettel
  • Aloe Vera Rosemary
  • Earth Mama (patchouli, eucalyptus and lavender)
  • King of Cups (frankincense, cedar and tea tree)


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